The rock wall installations are inspired by the river beds along the Russian River, located in Northern California. Unique, fluid shapes that organic forms take on, and the textured surface that glass can have invites the viewer to come closer.  I enjoy the challenge of making each form different in shape and size, and choosing a color pallet that creates a mood.   Using color, I can create pathways to lead the viewers eye, and the empty space becomes the simple beauty in the overall composition.

In this series each composition becomes a puzzle for me. How do I put them together and how will they balance?  What colors feel heavy and what colors light? I start with a drawing thinking of color and form, and then I modify that drawing again as I start blowing the components, each grouping evolves as I start to assemble it.  Once they are assembled there becomes so many ways you can display them.   You the viewer has the ability to rearrange them multiple ways.