Hand-Blown Glass Sculptures

Christopher Jeffries handcrafts one-of-a-kind glass sculptures. Each sculpture tells a story and sets a tone to enhance the architecture and vibe of a space. Jeffries Glass directly caters to who the customer is and the designated location for the sculpture. To personalize, customers handpick the color palette that speaks to them or suits the space most, with artist reassurance and input. All hand-blown glass forms undergo a process of sandblasting, which softens the tone of the glass, and allows forms to delicately dance across the wall or along the surface of a table.

His work has an airy, relaxed quality about it, creating a peaceful yet intimate experience for all to enjoy at home. His work often is used as an accent piece or to make a clear statement of the ‘feel’ of a space. Jeffries’ modern and minimalistic glass installations accentuate the intimacy of relationships within homes and corporate spaces by adding a peaceful background vibe.