Contemporary Home Wall Installation Design
Contemporary Corporate Wall Installation Design
Contemporary Home Wall Installation Design
Residential Custom Wall Mounted Glass Art by Christopher Jeffries - Island Series
Contemporary Home Wall Installation Design
Island Series Wall Installation
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Jeffries Glass – Laguna Beach, California

Hand-Blown Glass Wall Installations

Christopher Jeffries handcrafts one-of-a-kind, glass blown wall sculptures. Christopher Jeffries hand-blown glasswork focuses on wall installations. Jeffries Glass has the pleasure of working with residential and corporate clients. Christopher Jeffries is accredited for his glass blowing apprenticeships and experiences. Jeffries has taught glass blowing at the well-known Corning Museum of Glass in New York. He was an apprentice for Dale Chihuly at the prestigious Boat House in Seattle, Washington. Jeffries also had an apprenticeship in the Czech Republic with master glass blower, Igor Muller. To this day, Jeffries Glass is showing his handcrafted, glass wall installations and works all throughout the United States.

Jeffries Glass directly caters to homeowners and corporations. Jeffries Glass is mindful of the wall installation’s designated location to create a custom experience for all to enjoy. To personalize, customers handpick the color palette, location, and glass series that speaks to them or suits the space most, with artist reassurance and input.

The Customer Experience

Jeffries Glass begins with a sketch and a general color palette for each client. The sketch then turns into a photoshop rendering to show the sculpture in its future space. Jeffries Glass then reconvenes with the client to get an approval of the photoshop sketch. Each glass piece is then abstracted to a piece of paper to be placed on the wall or designated area to act as a mapping of the size, color, and arrangement of each piece. Each sculpture is designed specifically for the space it will occupy and all glass is custom-made to fit its new home. Once the photoshop and paper sketches have been approved, production and, soon after, installation is in place. The installations are packaged and shipped safely to the client.

The Glass Blowing Process

In the glassblowing process, each piece is blown and shaped on a blowpipe using hot, soft glass. Glass is gathered out of a molten furnace, closely resembling the consistency of honey. Colored glass is preheated and dropped onto a clear bubble. This bubble is blown to a squatted round or oval shape. This shape is then sculpted with a variety of wood, cork and steel tools to match a desired design. The piece is then knocked off and placed gently into an annealing oven to slowly cool down. Each piece is then cold worked and sandblasted at the Jeffries Glass Studio in Laguna Beach, California. All hand-blown glass forms undergo a process of sandblasting, which softens the tone of the glass, and allows forms to delicately dance across the wall or along the surface of a table.

The Art Experience

Each blown glass sculpture tells a story and sets a tone to enhance the architecture and mood of a space. Jeffries’ work has an airy, relaxed quality about it, creating a peaceful yet intimate experience for all to enjoy at home or in corporate spaces. His work often is used as an accent piece or to make a clear statement of the ‘feel’ of a space. Jeffries’ modern and minimalistic glass installations accentuate the intimacy of relationships within homes and corporate spaces by adding a peaceful background vibe.