Forms in Nature

This series is inspired by a variety objects we find in Nature. I am drawn to the movement and tactile surface these pieces have. These pieces are sculpted out of multiple gathers of thick glass, shifting and pulling the glass in different directions gives each piece its unique texture and feel. I like the challenge of creating a form that has asymmetry to it, but yet still maintains it’s balance. No two pieces ever have the same shape, like in nature no two pieces are ever the same.

Time Together

Spending time together and making good memories  is so important in our daily lives. Taking the time to stop, and enjoy the people we have in our lives is something I value so much. I like choosing soft colors that compliment and balance each other when they are grouped together.

Common Ground

This series was designed as a centerpiece for a place where people come together and share common ground. It embodies the love, laughter, and lasting memories as we strengthen the bonds between friends and family while gathering around the table.

Stacked Series

In this series each composition becomes a puzzle for me. How do I put them together and how will they balance?  What colors feel heavy and what colors light? I start with a drawing thinking of color and form, and then I modify that drawing again as I start blowing the components, each grouping evolves as I start to assemble it.  Once they are assembled there becomes so many ways you can display them.   You the viewer has the ability to rearrange them multiple ways.

Wheel Cut

These rare works of art are formed on many stages and layers. These are inspired by patterns and designs that I find in nature and architecture. I am drawn to the tactile surface that each piece has from the cutting technique. The technique is called incisio. It is a cutting process that involves days of carving into the surface of the glass. Using a series of diamond wheels that are mounted to a lathe, allows me to cut into the piece giving it a unique pattern. Cutting deep into layers of colored glass, they began to let light through as the design takes form. This unique process gives each piece a distinct personality and voice.