The rock series installations are inspired by the river beds along the Russian River, located in Northern California. Unique, fluid shapes that organic forms take on, and the textured surface that glass can have invites the viewer to come closer. Jeffries Glass enjoys the challenge of making each form different in shape and size, and choosing a color palette that creates a mood. Using color, we can create pathways to lead the viewers’ eye, and the empty space becomes the simple beauty in the overall composition.

Commercial Rock Installations

Jeffries Glass has experience in creating custom hand blown rock wall installations for commercial spaces such as hospitals and offices locally and internationally. No project is too big. We also have experience in installing indoors and outdoors on large, small and curved walls. For all installations, the aluminum brackets we use to mount each piece to a wall is anodized with a clear coat finish that protects the life of the aluminum so they can be mounted indoors or outdoors.


Jeffries Glass works in teams of three in the hotshop where we create the rocks individually. We use color bar that is chopped cold, then heated and then overlaid onto a clear glass bubble to create the different tones and colors in each palette. Each rock is then blown, shaped, spun out and formed hot, at about 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Sometimes we’ll even spot heat an area on a rock and then inhale to create dimples of intrigue.

After each piece is annealed or slowly cooled to a safe temperature to handle, we plug and grind to flatten the bottoms of each piece. We then sandblast each rock to create a satin finish which softens and accentuates the landscape of each piece. The rocks are then glued to industrial grade aluminum brackets and then further mounted on the designated wall with careful planning.